How do I filter my leads?

After clicking on Generated Leads on the left-hand menu, you can filter your leads in 3 ways:

  • Incoming Requests lists leads who have sent you a message and require an immediate reply. These are your most important leads.
  • Interactions lists any users who have taken actions on your company profile such as clicked through to your website, downloaded an article, viewed your contact details & more.
  • All Identified Leads lists all identified users who have visited your company profile. This only displays users who are logged in at the time of the visit.

We recommend following up with people on the Interactions and All Identified Leads list within a week`s time to thank them for their visit and ask if they need further information about your company.


If you'd like us to help your business generate more qualified sales leads, the best thing to do is arrange a call with one of our XPRTs so that we can walk you through our XPRT Premium options.


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