What image sizes & formats should I use for my storefront, banners & email campaigns?

In order to make it easier for you to benefit from the different ad & image placements across the site, we recommend you to follow these simple specifications.

Basic logo and banner specifications:

Available units:

  • Company or event logo on a storefront: 400 px wide x 200 px high.
  • Company logo on search results and silver sponsorship logo: 150 px wide x 100 px high.
  • Online Top Gold Banner Dimensions: 728 px wide x 90 px high.
  • Top E-Bulletin Gold Banner: 468 px wide x 60 px high.
  • Event logo on search results: 145 px wide x 90 px high

File formats:

  • GIF (static or animated), JPG
  • File size: 30 KB or less
  • Animation limit: 15 seconds
  • Loop limit: 5 cycles
  • Alt Text: Silver sponsors may specify this at a maximum of 80 characters.


Intersite display banner specifications:

Available units:

  • Wide Skyscraper - IAB 160 px wide x 600 px high
  • Medium Rectangle - IAB 300 px wide x 250 px high

File formats:

  • GIF (static or animated), JPG, SWF (Flash)*
  • File Size: 50KB
  • Animation Length: 15 sec

* For .swf Flash files, these must include the appropriate clickTag as per the following guidelines: http://www.google.com/support/dfp_sb/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=79268

E-bulletin Sponsorship:

  • Title: Product or content item name
  • Text: Up to 700 characters including spaces (minimum 500) 
  • Image: Company logo or product image if needed - Image size 150 px wide x 100 px high
  • Link: URL link for the item to link to on his website or on the profile on Environmental Expert. 

Let us know which product from your storefront you would like showcased

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