What are the minimum requirements for my HTML file?

The HTML file you send for your email blast must meet the below minimum requirements.

  • The HTML file must be sent by email as an attachment.
  • The HTML file must be created using an HTML design program such as Dreamweaver (or similar). Word files saved as HTML files will not appear correctly in various email clients.
  • Maximum width of the HTML is 600 px.
  • Maximum file size of the HTML is 100 kb.
  • You may not use javascript or background images in emails.
  • Though CSS is allowed, we recommend using inline styles rather than CSS so that your email appears correctly in as many email clients as possible.
  • Images included in the HTML file should be sourced and hosted on your server. This means that the image source link in the HTML should be absolute and link to your domain.

If you don't meet the above requirements, we can help building your HTML for a small fee.

Simply make sure to check the "Yes, help me build the HTML" option when placing your email blast order or get in touch with us at support@xprt.com.

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