What are the sizes for display banners on XPRT sites?

Display Banner Campaigns


Gold Leaderboard Banner

Accepted File formats for this banner:

  • Width: 728px
  • Height: 90px
  • GIF (static or animated), JPG, SWF (Flash)*
  • File Size: 50KB
  • Animation Length: 15 sec

* For .swf Flash files, these must include the appropriate clickTag as per the following guidelines: http://www.google.com/support/dfp_sb/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=79268


Homepage Banner

For better compatibility with mobile devices, text should be provided separately and not be included within the image itself.

Text specifications:

Headline: 50 Characters
Description: 190 Characters

This creative can only be linked to internal pages within Environmental-XPRT.com or Agriculture-XPRT.com

Accepted File formats for this banner:

  • Width: 1440px
  • Height: 330px
  • GIF (static), JPG
  • File Size: 120KB


Wide Skyscraper Banner