Why not reply directly by email to the hard leads my company receives?

We know RFIs & RFQs are very important for your business and thus put enormous amounts of effort in ensuring you receive the leads that are relevant to you and that those leads are being followed up by the person who originally sent the request.

By interacting with these requests via the XPRT platform, you help us ensure both parties are taking the necessary steps to make them turn into promising business opportunities. These are just some of the benefits of using XPRT to manage your RFIs/RFQs:

  • More relevant leads: By managing your leads through XPRT, you can let us know which leads are not relevant to you and why when you close each request. This will help us deliver leads that are more relevant for your business.

  • Greater visibility: When you reply to requests through XPRT, other users attached to your company profile (provided they have the appropriate access level) can view and interact with these requests, making it easier for other members in your organization to follow up and/or view the status of a particular request.

  • More privacy: You know how it is these days. Sharing your email address is almost synonymous with receiving tons of unwanted email. We take this very seriously, so we won’t share your email address when you reply to requests through XPRT.


If you'd like us to help your business generate more qualified sales leads, the best thing to do is arrange a call with one of our XPRTs so that we can walk you through our XPRT Premium options.


Or send us an email at support@xprt.com

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