How do I ensure my company and products appear under the right keyword & category searches?

The best way to ensure your company and products appear under the right searches is to add keyword-rich content. Here are a few tips:

  • Try to mix in keywords naturally. Don`t force them into the text or you`ll be sacrificing clarity for SEO. Above all, keep your customer in mind and write for them.
  • Do not use keyword lists. These are considered as spam by XPRT, our users & Google.
  • After submitting your content to XPRT, you may visit your live content the next day to see which keywords our system has detected.  These appear in a section called "Most popular related searches" at the bottom of your content pages.
  • No matter what keywords appear in the related searches section, your content will be searchable by all the keywords included within your content. The related searches section simply includes what we consider the most important of those keywords.
  • Priority is given in the search results to exact matches. If, for example, you`re selling a solution for hazardous waste, make sure the words "hazardous" and "waste" appear together in your content to increase the chances that a user searching on "hazardous waste" finds you. 

If you'd like us to keep your profile updated for you and generate more qualified sales leads, the best thing to do is arrange a call with one of our XPRTs so that we can walk you through our XPRT Premium options.


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