How does my content influence my company`s performance on XPRT?

No matter whether you have a free profile or an XPRT Premium subscription, the more content you add the more likely you are to be found on XPRT sites, in XPRT E-Bulletins and on general search engine result pages.

It is important to include content descriptions rich in specific keywords as this will help your company appear high both on XPRT searches and general search engine results. It is especially important to include meaningful text in your title fields, not just model numbers.

For example, if you sell a model X-103 respirometer, you should avoid a product title like "Model X-103" This title will diminish the likelihood of your product getting picked up on the right search terms.  Moreover, those users who do find your product are unlikely to click on it since they can`t tell what it is. Using a richer product title like "Respirometer - Model X-103" or "Model X-103 Respirometer" will greatly increase your success.

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